Added Value

KinOmega’s business philosophy is simple as “Delivery Cost-effective and High Quality Products and Service to Our Valued Customers”.

Quality Strength.  Combining it’s proprietary purification technologies with the latest version of production line and the cGMP, HACCP, ISO approved Q/A system, KinOmega dedicates to produce the ultra-pure and highly concentrated omega-3 EPA/DHA fatty acids with following quality strength:
High Purity                        mercury-free and extra-low heavy metals, PCBs and Dioxins
High Omega-3 Profile      EPA and DHA is up to 90%
Low Oxidation Level       the TOTOX is well below the E.P. and USP limits
Neutral Odor & Taste      deliver excellent physical properties with good odor and taste
High Stability                    stable during its shelf-life stored in recommended condition

Cost-effectiveness.  We have built a sustainable supply chain with our carefully selected suppliers, which are the EU approved and authorized manufacturer to maintain the sustainability. Because of the optimized management and production cost control, we are able to produce the concentrates with the maximum yield. It enables us to supply the products and service to our customers with high quality and cost-effectiveness.