New Omega-3 TG Formula–KinOmega 4638TG

KinOmega Biopharm, a R&D and technique based manufacturer of highly concentrated and ultra-pure Omega-3 EPA/DHA, has launched a new product: KinOmega 4638TG–Omega-3 Acid Triglycerides 90%. This high Omega-3 concentrates with ultra-purity is the Triglyceride Form of Omega-3 Acid Ethyl Ester 90% as in E.P/USP working as API. This unique formula is produced through Trans-esterification by KinOmega proprietary Enzymatic Process and the latest generation of Molecular Distillation.

More and more studies and researches show that the triglyceride form Omega-3 is more stable and better for human consumption and absorption because of the TG property. This product is expected to have a large audience who cares about the fish oil for the heart health.

This product will be formally launched at Vitafoods Genega this May. We invite to stop by our Stand No. 24070 for more details.

More about KinOmega Biopharm:

KinOmega is a dedicated and professional manufacturer of highly concentrated and ultra-pure Omega-3 EPA/DHA with Drug Master File (USDMF NO. 26570), has strong R&D and technique background in Omega-3 purification, concentration and seperation. Supported by innovative Enzymatic Process, SPD technology and latest-generation of Molecular Distillation facility, we deliver high quality and purity Omega-3 EPA/DHA concentrates. Our strong items include 4638 EE&TG, DHA80EE&TG, DHA75EE&TG, DHA700EE&TG, 1070EE&TG, DHA500EE&TG, EPA500EE&TG, 5020EE&TG, 1050EE&TG and many others.

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