Omega-3 Ethyl Ester

The Omega-3 Fatty Acid EPA/DHA EE (Ethyl Ester) form takes a large part of the market because of the high EPA and DHA profile and economic affordability. Comparing the natural 18/12 grade oil, KinOmega’s highly concentrated Omega-3 EPA/DHA of ultra-purity delivers a higher dosage of poly-unsaturated fatty acid. Our product line covers a wide range of specification with different EPA and DHA concentration level and ratio. The highest EPA and DHA can be up to 75% and 80% respectively. Our large product flexibility enables us to produce different condition-specific formula for eye, brain and heart health etc. KinOmega’s EE products are featured by:

  • Neutral Odor and Taste
  • Freshness
  • Mercury Free
  • High Purity

EPA Rich Formula

KinOmega 7010 EE  EPA70% + DHA8%
KinOmega 6020 EE  EPA60% + DHA20%
KinOmega 6015 EE  EPA60% + DHA12%
KinOmega 5525 EE  EPA55% + DHA25%
KinOmega 5025 EE  EPA50% + DHA25%
KinOmega 5020 EE  EPA50% + DHA20%
KinOmega 4535 EE  EPA45% + DHA35%
KinOmega 4030 EE  EPA40% + DHA30%
KinOmega 4020 EE  EPA40% + DHA20%
KinOmega 3624 EE  EPA36% + DHA24%
KinOmega 3322 EE  EPA33% + DHA22%
KinOmega 3020 EE  EPA30% + DHA20%
KinOmega EPA500 EE EPA500mg/g + DHA100mg/g

DHA Rich Formula

KinOmega DHA80 EE  EPA3% + DHA80%
KinOmega 1075 EE  EPA7% + DHA75%
KinOmega 1070 EE  EPA8% + DHA70%
KinOmega 1560 EE  EPA10% + DHA60%
KinOmega 2050 EE  EPA20% + DHA50%
KinOmega 1050 EE  EPA10% + DHA50%
KinOmega 1040 EE  EPA10% + DHA40%
KinOmega DHA700EE EPA50mg/g + DHA700mg/g
KinOmega DHA500EE EPA100mg/g + DHA500mg/g