Omega-3 Triglycerides

The Omega-3 Triglycerides (TG) oil is our strong product with excellent physical and technique quality parameters. We carefully select the crude fish oil from approved suppliers in Peru as the starting material. In addition to the Proprietary Purification Technology used in the EE oil process, we use the innovative Enzymatic Trans-esterification Process to convert the Ethyl Ester oil under a mild reaction condition to protect the oil from being over-heated and maintain its natural molecular structure. In the subsequent process, a specially designed Deodorization step is used to remove the fishy odor and taste.

KinOmega’s TG products are featured by:

  • High Stability
  • Low Oligomer and Cholesterol
  • Deodorized

EPA Rich Formula

KinOmega E80 TG  EPA80%
KinOmega 7010 TG  EPA70% + DHA10%
KinOmega 6020 TG  EPA60% + DHA20%
KinOmega 6015TG  EPA60% + DHA12%
KinOmega 5025 TG  EPA50% + DHA25%
KinOmega 4832TG   EPA48% + DHA32%
KinOmega 5020 TG  EPA50% + DHA20%
KinOmega 4030 TG  EPA40% + DHA30%
KinOmega 4020 TG  EPA40% + DHA20%
KinOmega 3624 TG  EPA36% + DHA24%
KinOmega 3322 TG  EPA33% + DHA22%
KinOmega 3020 TG  EPA30% + DHA20%
KinOmega EPA500 TG EPA500mg/g + DHA100mg/g

DHA Rich Formula

KinOmega D80 TG  DHA80%
KinOmega D75 TG  EPA5% + DHA75%
KinOmega 1070 TG  EPA8% + DHA70%
KinOmega 1560 TG  EPA10% + DHA60%
KinOmega 2050 TG  EPA20% + DHA50%
KinOmega 1050 TG  EPA10% + DHA50%
KinOmega 1040 TG  EPA10% + DHA40%
KinOmega DHA700TG EPA50mg/g + DHA700mg/g
KinOmega DHA500TG EPA100mg/g + DHA500mg/g