Omega-3 Softgel

In addition to the Omega-3 EPA/DHA bulk oil, we supply the finished Omega-3 softgel in bulk through our contracted softgel encapsulator by using KinOmega’s high quality oil. Comparing the simple OEM service, KinOmega Softgel Formulation controls the Omega-3 oil quality by ourselves and combines the softgel encapsulation technology from our partner.

All of our Omega-3 softgel formulas meet and exceed the USP and EP Standards, and pass the IFOS’ 5 Star Rating, which are available in different shape and size.

EPA300mg + DHA200mg   softgel  
EPA330mg + DHA220mg   softgel  
EPA360mg + DHA240mg   softgel
EPA400mg + DHA200mg   softgel
EPA400mg + DHA300mg   softgel
EPA500mg + DHA200mg   softgel
EPA100mg + DHA400mg   softgel
EPA200mg + DHA500mg   softgel
Omega-3-6-9 Formula
Omega-3 + Glucosamine
Omega-3 + Lutein
Omega-3 + Custom Ingredients

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